Have you ever walked around an antique or consignment shop and noticed some old shutters and then tried to figure out, “What the heck would I ever do with something like that? It’s junk.” Well, check this out for some pretty cool ideas on what to do with those shutters, repurposing them into fabulousness fromĀ Funky Junk Interiors.



Use a few different colors of spray paint for a lovely backdrop for your outdoor yard space. Doesn’t take up much room, very cost effective and gives a small space a pop of color to liven it up!



Another idea: Paint old shutters a bright color and stagger them as a backdrop for a focal point in your yard. Old ladders serve as “shelves” for plants, bird houses and little trinkets that add visual interest to your outdoor living area.




Instead of adding in the typical french doors to your living area, why not put up a some weathered tall shutters to act as a door into a room that you want to give a little extra privacy to? Like the traditional “pocket door” but cheaper and easier to install!


Wow! This is a great idea for a repositionable kitchen island! Perfect for a little extra storage for wine bottles, tools and even some cookbooks or magazines (check out the built in book rack on the shutter slats!). Add a few small elements like barn boards for a butcher block counter, hooks for towels and a piece of crown moulding as a finishing touch and you’ve got a fantastically repurposed and useful kitchen tool!