Why Buy Now? It’s Time!

First of all, it’s a buyer’s market. But you already knew that, so what’s stopping you? If you’re yearning to buy your dream home but can’t get past the media hype and the fear, consider this:

  • There are more homes on the market to choose from, so there are unparalleled deals that offer substantial savings and incentives;
  • Interest rates are still near a (40-year) low.
  • There are plenty of banks making loans, many of them offering low down payment programs;
  • The smart buyer knows that a low mortgage rate gives the buyer a lot more house for the money;

A lot is happening to rejuvenate the economy and credit programs, and in many areas the housing market is showing signs of a rebound. By purchasing a home right now you will cash in on an opportunity that may well never come again. Don’t forget that over time – even throughout other downturns in the economy – real estate has always appreciated. So with the purchase of a new home today, you may stand to achieve the best possible appreciation in the future.

Meanwhile, you’re living in luxury! This perfect storm for would-be homeowners makes NOW the best time to buy in many, many years. Waiting to hit the theoretical “bottom” means you won’t find a home until prices are on their way back up. Right now, many people are putting opportunities “on hold.” Can you imagine everyone waiting for the mysterious bottom, only to pounce on the best deals out there all at once? What are you waiting for?

Yes, it’s a buyer’s market. But only if you buy.

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