It’s going to be a beautiful Christmas here in Ayer this year thanks to the hard work of Selectman Chris Hillman and all the business folks that will be lighting up our traffic circle to welcome visitors to our quaint community!

According to an article in the Ayer Public Spirit:

AYER — MassDOT continued thinning vegetation on the Ayer rotary this week. Meanwhile on the East Main Street island aside the rotary, inmates from the Billerica House of Correction continued leveling brush.

Now, as the holidays approach, Selectman Christopher Hillman hopes the island can be lit for the holidays. It will mark a productive half year’s worth of work on the rotary that began when Hillman issued a challenge to businesses and groups to adopt an island.

The first island overhaul was performed by J&S Business Products of Ayer. The owners performed an extreme makeover on the island in front of McDonald’s on Sandy Pond Road.

Then Wild West Landscaping of Westford cleared the scrub brush on the island between Gervais Ford and the Tidal Wave Car Wash aside the rotary on Littleton Road.

Hillman said the feedback has been terrific. “You wouldn’t believe the number of people knocking on my door about the islands. I think they look amazing, too.”

Hillman said he worked with Sen. Jamie Eldridge to have the state address the overgrown Carlton Circle rotary. “I told him the rotary hadn’t been touched since I was in diapers,” joked Hillman. “He arranged for MassDOT to do an initial pruning of the rotary.”

After starting to clear the “jungle-like” brush on the island, Hillman said MassDOT contractors were to return this week to “take some of those monstrous bushes out.”
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