ActiveRain had an interesting post that we were intrigued by:

Bring on the Sellabrations…the Buyers are Out …the Buyers are Out !  It was an exciting weekend with multiple offers on several well priced properties…..and as you browse through MLS you see the “Active with Offer” indicators everywhere…HURRAY !!!

Homes all dressed up and ready to sell…priced at appraisable prices…ARE selling….a wonderful welcome to spring…and a boost in recovery to the market.

Along with the wonderful offers….written by agents and buyers who understand that some homes…even those recently listed ….ARE priced to SELL and not to sit….and with that in mind, got out their pens and put their money where there House is…or will be….and wrote an offer like they meant it.


Why rent when you can buy? With the soaring costs of rent, it makes more financial sense to purchase a home, rather than rent one. 

CNN Money has a very interesting article posted that discusses the rising costs of rentals and how buying a home is actually a cheaper alternative.

According the the article, “In 98 of the top 100 housing markets, buying a home is more affordable than renting, according to the online real estate company Trulia. Only Honolulu and San Francisco buck the trend.

There are several reasons. Home prices are falling. Mortgage interest rates are at historically low levels. And rents are on the rise.”