Do you want to create a garden but don’t really feel like ripping apart your yard? Have you tried container gardens?

What a fun way to add some plant life to your back yard and also have the ability to put it anyplace you want! has some great container garden ideas here.



Need to get that front hallway in your house organized? Want to try something new and fresh? HGTV has some wonderfully creative ideas on how to take an old console table and repurpose it into something very useful and fabulous for your home. Check it out here.

Maybe you don’t have an existing piece that you can use? Why not check out Cornerstone Antiques and Consignments in Lunenburg, MA for some excellent deals on previously used furniture. There’s something there for everyone and they’ve got excellent prices.






Spring is here! Hooray, hooray!!! And it’s time to get those yards beautified with plenty of flowers, plants, shrubs, window boxes and gardens!

One of our favorites to plant are perennials because they come back so easily every year to welcome the warmer weather! has some great suggestions for perennial flowers on their site. Check it out:


Sub Out Your Towels for Scarves

It’s perfectly OK to neatly fold your summer scarves and place them into a drawer. However, folding isn’t always an option when you’re in a rush. A towel rack is the perfect solution for your storage dilemma. Simply loop it through to return to a non-wrinkled scarf, guaranteed. Photo Courtesy of Alejandra Costello


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Ice-Cube Tray Munchies

These days, ice-cube trays aren’t just for freezing water. They make excellent drawer organizers for housing tiny odds and ends, and, interestingly enough, they are perfect food separators for picky little ones. Jennifer Bishop decided to integrate this colorful and creative idea at toddler birthday parties where all the kids, picky or not, would be happy with the variety of food choices in front of them. Plus, the trays are stackable, making a cute and colorful statement on the food buffet. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Bishop


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