How is this even possible that Thanksgiving is like 2 weeks away!? Yikes! Are you ready? We’re not… but we’ve been checking out some really cute, fun and quick ideas that are sure to make everyone “ooooh and aaaahhh” this fabulous family holiday! Check out some of the creative and pretty ideas that we found on our Pinterest Hunt today:


Look at this gorgeous table with the pinecones dangling from the chandelier. What a great idea to keep the kids busy on nature walks around the neighborhood!!


Aren’t these about the cutest little things ever!! What a GREAT idea to bring with you to you family Thanksgiving!


Seriously?! Could a centerpiece get any easier than this?


Got some gourds left over from Halloween? Hollow them out and stick some little tea lights in them for instant ambiance!


Okay, maybe this is the easiest centerpiece ever. Bag of cranberries, water and floating tea lights. Done!


What little Thanksgiving guest wouldn’t LOVE to dig into these delicious treats!


Our Holly II plan is starting to get popular! We’ve got 2 of these beauties being built simultaneously right now! Three roomy bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a kitchen fit for any chef! This home is a great size, a great price and plenty big for your family!

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