A gorgeous New England style farmhouse complete with lovely front porch, 4 bedrooms and tons of space for your family! Have you seen this plan yet? It’s simply beautiful and you won’t believe all modern amenities! New construction in Ayer, MA in the Pingry Hill neighborhood offers convenience to major routes, shopping, dining and trains. We building like crazy up here on Pingry Hill! Come check out what we have to offer for new home construction! You won’t be disappointed!

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Have you checked out our Kerry-Lynn plan yet? It’s a beauty and we’re building one right now! This gorgeous 4 bedroom home also offers 2 full baths and 1 half bath. Your family will enjoy all the space this house plan has to offer! The kitchen is huge with an island perfect for entertaining. Laundry on the first floor and a dining room that will welcome everyone during the holiday seasons! 2 car garage under. You won’t find a house with so much room for such an incredible price!

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It’s a gorgeous day out there today so we thought we’d take a look around and see what we could find for some inspiration for our outdoor spaces. And look at this little gem of garden ideas and inspiration for your home.


Spring is here! Hooray, hooray!!! And it’s time to get those yards beautified with plenty of flowers, plants, shrubs, window boxes and gardens!

One of our favorites to plant are perennials because they come back so easily every year to welcome the warmer weather! has some great suggestions for perennial flowers on their site. Check it out:


Economists are tripping all over themselves as they rush to boost their estimates on home price increases for 2013.

Basically, many are practically doubling their earlier predictions, pushing them into the 8 and even 9 percent range, The Wall Street Journal reports.

But even as prices show signs of getting nutty again, the mantra is this time it will be different.

Don’t worry, we won’t see a return of the runaway prices that marked the bubble years, things are different now, we are told.

Really? Just sounds like another throwaway line to me.

Certainly the supply of mortgage money is tighter now – no doc liar loans are a thing of the past

But no-doc liar loans didn’t drive prices up in perpetually-inflated Greater Boston. Unlike parts of Florida and other Sunbelt states, whole tracts of suburbs were not converted in foreclosure wastelands, whether it is Hingham or Medford we are talking about.

A dearth of new single-family home construction, stifling building restrictions in the towns and neighborhoods where most people want to live, and an influx of higher earning professionals have been the major factors driving prices up in the Boston area.

The Great Recession and the real estate slump was just a short breather in this very troubling trend.

Don’t believe me? Then tell me why I am wrong.(As opposed to name calling, which, as even my first grader knows, is different.) Why are things so different now?