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Wonderful Experience with Pingry Hill

We have certainly had a wonderful experience with Pingry Hill. You and Rick make a great sister and brother team, and we could tell from our first meeting with you that this would be a fine place to live. Any issues we’ve had have been promptly taken care of, and we’re truly enjoying our beautiful home. You’ve helped our transition to MA go smoothly, with your thoughtful and attentive manner. ~ Jim & Connie

Get a Bang for Your Buck!

I had been house hunting for over 9 months. This was my 5th time buying a house, and 2nd time having a new home built so I have been through this process before. I had looked at a lot of properties, and in this market Pingry Hill is where you get a bang for your buck. Janice and Rick are both joys to work with. I never felt like they were just trying to make a sale. They were flexible, accommodating, very patient, and willing to give and take. Any issues are always resolved quickly. I strongly recommend coming by for a look/see. Pingry Hill is going to be a great neighborhood. ~ Joe

The Neighborhood of our Dreams!

Last summer my husband and I began looking at homes in Ayer, when he came across the Pingry Hill website. He was so excited to find a new development where we could build a brand new home with a yard and someday raise a family. That weekend we drove out to Pingry Hill and I fell in love with it too. There were so many great houses to choose from, but at that time, something held us back. We really wanted a ranch style home with an attached garage, but Pingry Hill didn’t have one yet in our price range. We decided to continue looking at other homes on the market, but still felt like we were missing out on a great opportunity with Pingry Hill. After a few months, Pingry Hill introduced a new plan called the Madison. We reached out to Janice immediately to find out all the details. She sent us the floor plan that week and after seeing it, we knew the Madison would be our new home. This house was perfect for us with the open floor plan, three bedrooms, a huge basement, quaint front porch and the attached garage. We reserved our lot that week. We spent the next several months venturing out to Ayer each weekend to check on the progress of the house. One weekend, with only a few more weeks to go before our closing date, a couple that had recently moved into a house down the street stopped by to introduce themselves. It was then that we realized it wasn’t just a new town or street we were moving to, we were moving into a wonderful new community. Since moving into our home back in April, we have made lasting friendships with so many of our neighbors. This truly was an unexpected bonus in our home building process. We love living here in Pingry Hill and we can’t thank the Crabtree team enough for truly building the home and neighborhood of our dreams! ~ Rick & Cynthia

We Couldn’t Be Happier!

After getting married last year, my husband and I began looking into buying a home. We looked for about 5 months, but had no luck.  Then one day I came across Pingry Hill’s website. We were so excited at the prospect of owning a brand new home! We went out to Pingry Hill to tour the model home, and we were so impressed. The standard features that come with the price of the home are beautiful!  Janice and Jack were so welcoming, and Rick came out and met with us that day to discuss our house options for the lot we liked. We wanted to purchase the Holly, but Rick and Janice showed us another house plan (later named “Tara”) that would work better with the lot. We are so glad they recommended the Tara! It is a beautiful home, and we love the open floor plan. The Crabtree Development team at Pingry Hill (Janice, Jack, and Rick) were all wonderful to work with. They are responsive and efficient. Thank you again for providing us with our first new home!  We couldn’t be happier. ~ Shelley & Justin

A Wonderful Place to Live and Raise a Family

About 7 months ago, our family took a short drive from our house in Ayer to see the new houses being built a few miles away at Pingry Hill. We had already lived in Ayer for 15 years and had no desire to leave but were looking for a little bigger house and some more land. I was stunned to see how beautiful everything looked. From the stunning one acre wooded lots to the spectacular new homes that were going up, everything was amazing. Pingry Hill turned out to be a perfect fit. We’ve been in our new home for 3 months and simply love it. I can’t say enough about Janice and Jack Connolly, Rick Roper and the Crabtree team. They bent over backwards to meet our every need without once ever using any type of sales pressure. The construction quality is top notch and the few inevitable minor issues that arose during the construction process were addressed promptly and to our complete satisfaction. The town of Ayer is a wonderful place to live and raise a family and I don’t think you’ll find any better place to live in town than Pingry Hill. ~ George

Thank You Crabtree for Making Our First Home Purchase So Enjoyable

After getting married last May, my husband and I decided it was time to buy our first home. We began our search in the Acton/Maynard area, until one of Dana’s colleagues recommended that we also consider looking in Ayer. We went online to look at homes, and that is where we found out about Pingry Hill. We were very impressed by the photos and decided that we would go to the open house the next day. When we arrived, we toured the model home – it was gorgeous! It had everything we were looking for – hardwood floors, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, a huge yard and it was brand new! After talking with Janice, we found out that the house that we were interested in was available and that we would be able to close before the time our lease was up in September. Janice and Rick were wonderful to work with. They were always quick to reply to any questions or concerns we had and they take pride in making this neighborhood a beautiful place to live. We ended up moving to our new home in August and we really love it here! Sharon takes the commuter rail during the week and the station is only a five-minute drive away. We look forward to exploring much more of Ayer and venturing out to the bike path in town. We want to thank Janice, Rick, Scott and the rest of the staff of Crabtree Development for making our first time home purchase such an enjoyable experience! We look forward to spending many years here! ~ Dana & Sharon

Unsurpassed Quality

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and excitement over my upcoming move into Pingry Hill, Ayer, Massachusetts. While my house is nearing the final stages of completion, I cannot do justice in words as to how pleased my wife and I are with the level of service we have received from all aspects of the process. Be it our initial meeting with Crabtree Marketing, choosing our plan and fixtures, to the final stages of the build, the helpful guidance from Janice, Scott and Rick has been nothing short of spectacular. Being a novice in this process, each one of these people have been wonderful at explaining every detail, answering our questions and, in most cases, proactively seeking us out to inform us of things we never thought to ask. As far as the house, I have been at the site on a daily basis since day one and can say that the quality Rick Roper demands is unsurpassed. Every detail, every corner, every aspect of the build is top notch. Every little add-on I’ve requested, to every change Julia and I have asked to be made, have been done to our exact request, nothing short of amazing in this day and age where many builders have a “churn and burn” mentality. Crabtree Marketing has designed every home to utilize the square footage to the maximum, while still allowing a great deal of charm and character. The style and flow of the house, along with the location and neighborhood plan is what prompted our decision to buy in Pingry, and now that we are nearing the end we are ecstatic. So many times nowadays, subdivisions are built and it’s the same story, cookie cutter homes that lack character, poor flow, misuse of space just a general “rush job”. This neighborhood is far from that trend, giving each home character and maintaining a build quality I have not seen in the many houses we looked at before deciding on Pingry Hill. Add to that the personal stock that everyone at Crabtree takes in this neighborhood, and it was the easiest choice I have made in years. Pingry Hill is where Julia and I have decided to raise our two children, a decision that takes a lot of thought and future planning. I have seen the future of this neighborhood start to take shape, and with the wide sidewalks, beautiful views, spacious home and yard, and most importantly, the wonderful people at Crabtree, I know Julia and I have not only found our home, but have made lifelong friendships. ~ Peter & Julia

Pingry Hill Exceeded All of Our Expectations!

The Adamy Pugs enjoying their new home.
We were first time homebuyers, looking for the perfect place to start a family. After months and months of researching homes on all the real estate websites, we were getting close to signing another year lease on our small town house. One day, while driving through Ayer, we drove by the signs for Pingry Hill. We decided we’d take a look even though we were sure we couldn’t afford to build a brand new home. Upon entering the model home, we were warmly welcomed by the Crabtree team. They let us roam around the model on our own without any pressure but were available to answer questions if we had them. After sitting with Janice from Crabtree Marketing, we realized that we could indeed build our dream house and have it ready when we needed it. We found the perfect home plan and lot for our family and construction began immediately. We have now lived in the Pingry Hill development in Ayer, Massachusetts for over 3 years and still absolutely LOVE IT. The house is beyond our dreams and expectations and we are so thrilled with it. The Crabtree Development team exceeded all of our expectations and made the daunting task of building a home easy and enjoyable for our family. Not only were they attentive to every detail, but explained everything to us so that we could make thoughtful and wise decisions about our new home. To this day, we still receive the absolute top-quality customer service should we have any questions. If you are in the market for a new home, this is most definitely the place you want to be and the people you want to work with. We are truly grateful for our wonderful experience with our home purchase and look forward to raising our family is this beautifully crafted home. ~ Jill  & Dion