We are just so excited about New England Studios breaking ground right next door to us on Devens! It’s thrilling just to imagine the prospects of this wonderful new opportunity for our area. With the recent new groundbreaking of the studio and the start of construction, everyone in the area is just brimming with excitement and eagerness to see this project take shape.

Jason Kauppi, a member of the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce, recently commented in the Lowell Sun about the groundbreaking ceremonies:

I have no problem with The Sun asking why only one state legislator attended the groundbreaking of a movie and TV studio at Devens (“Studio ceremony was no blockbuster,” June 30). However, in the effort to be witty, the headline leaves the wrong impression of the event.

This was among the best groundbreakings I’ve ever attended. As a Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce board member, public-relations consultant, former gubernatorial spokesman and one-time Sun reporter, I’ve been to my share. This event was standingroom only, drawing a much larger crowd than an earlier groundbreaking at a regional 9-1-1 dispatch center, also attended by only one state legislator. The building of New England Studios is a project worth celebrating because it represents significant private investment in Devens.

The studio will get a modest property tax break if it meets job-creation targets, unlike the now-defunct Evergreen Solar plant that cost taxpayers millions. This fact alone made the studio groundbreaking a blockbuster event.


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