Production Homes vs Custom Homes

Production homes are generally built at a variety of price points, but offer enormous value and cost-savings for homebuyers. There is a no-hassle benefit to these stock floor plans. There are typically several plan choices and options from which to choose, but without having to go through the stress and day-to-day decisions of building from scratch. The community benefits from the consistency of design and finish which a Production homebuilder provides. Time and money is saved throughout the Production homebuilding process, allowing a buyer to move in much sooner than if they had built a custom home.

A Custom home is unique and one-of-a-kind, typically designed and built from scratch. This process involves collaboration among the homeowner, Custom builder, architect and various other parties involved in the design and logistics.
Custom-built homes are generally completed within a year and cost significantly more money due to the unique nature of each plan and the extended build time.
Greenscape Property & Building, LLC is a New Hampshire based construction company that is involved in both types of construction. Here at Pingry Hill they are somewhere in between, building what may be called a Semi-Custom home. Using stock floor plans provides a consistent “look” for the neighborhood, but allowing for alterations to meet the buyer’s needs helps turn a house into a “Home”.

It is for these reasons that Crabtree Development, LLC has chosen Greenscape Property & Building, LLC to complete the last phase of the Pingry Hill community. A balance of quality, price, peace of mind and personalization provide the VALUE and PRIDE that you will experience in your new home.